And then there was one

And then there was one.

One more round.

One more trip to the infusion center for Samantha.

One more Monday sitting and watching liquid drip out of an IV bag, through a tube, and into the port implanted just under the skin in her chest.

One more chance to thank Dennis, an amazing volunteer, for helping us every week, making sure that my wife has a warm blanket shortly after we arrive, and that she is well taken care of.

One more time to see all of the nurses work their magic throughout the infusion center, helping so many others who are facing similar challenges and going through their own treatments.

And while it’s not the end, it will be — all things going according to plan — the last time we hear the beeping alarm of an infusion pump connected to my wife. The last time she stares at the same menu as the previous week, trying to decide what sounds decent for lunch.

It will also be the first.

The first day of April.

The first time she rings the bell at the entrance to the infusion center to signify that her treatment there is over.

The first time we won’t have to worry about, or plan around, another trip to MSTI the following week.

And the first time she’ll be able to say, “I’m done with chemotherapy.”

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