Thanks Pierce Park

For the better part of the past 12 years, Pierce Park Elementary School, it’s teachers, staff, and countless volunteers have been a part of our family.

Since our son’s first day of kindergarten in 2010 to our daughter’s final day of 6th grade, Pierce Park has been a consistent part of our lives. Our son has since moved on through Riverglen Junior High, and into Capital High School, and next fall our daughter will begin her next chapter at Riverglen as well. But Pierce Park will always be where it all started for them.

I am a product of the Boise School District, as is my wife. The influence that teachers we had along the way continues to be felt to this day, and helped shape us into the people we are today. Their impact isn’t just shown in test results or standardized scores, but in the lives that they impact. I’m proud to say that our children will be similarly guided by their teachers, past, present, and future.

While words don’t do nearly enough to express my gratitude, at the end of this, the most unpredictable and trying school year ever, I say this:

Thank you.

To all of you. Your influence, commitment, and dedication to students matters more than you can ever imagine.

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